Romman Charcoal
The Romman "Lemon Wood" Charcoals
They take a little bit longer to light but surely last longer and there is no charcoal taste. The one 500 grams bag contains enough charcoals to light 75-90 bowls of "hookah" smoking and is made in Jordan.
Syrian Box Coal
These quick lighting charcoals are manufactured in Syria. The package contains ten rolls, with each roll containing 10 pieces (100 individual pieces) of quick lighting charcoals. Each piece is 1.5 inches in diameter. Simply, light the charcoal with a lighter and the charcoal will become red hot in seconds. Each piece will stay lit for 20-30 minutes. These charcoals are ideal for hookah smokers who want to be able to set up and smoke the hookah with minimal time.
Magic Coal
This is a box containing 72 square pieces of Japanese charcoal. These charcoals take a little longer to light but are some of the cleanest burning charcoals you will find anywhere. They are great for hookah smoking. You should use two pieces at a time on an average sized bowl. These charcoals ignite quickly, without smoke, without odor, clean for use and lasts more than one hour.