Exotic Hookas
These Hookahs are made in the heart of the Middle East. They are pure quality with different sizes and forms. We have gold plated, Silver plated, black plated and pink plated the weight of the Hookah will come from 1.250 kg - 2.50 kilos, because it is heavy: Some shaft can come in one pieces and some shaft can come in 8 pieces, the hoses of exotic Hookah and glasses are pure hand made with no bad remarks and they are of great quality. All the shafts can come in 1, 2, 3 and 4 hoses.

EX193006 HKP
EX193002 HKP
EX1930013 HKP
EX1930014 HKP
EX1930016 HKP
EX1930017 HKP
EX1930018 HKP
EX1930019 HKP
EX1930021 HKP
EX1930022 HKP
EX1930023 HKP
EX1930024 HKP
EX1930026 HKP
EX1960008 HKP
EX1960009 HKP
EX4520003 HKP
EX4520004 HKP
EX4520005 HKP
EX4520013 HKP
EX4520014 HKP
EX4530001 HKP
EX4530002 HKP
EX4530004 HKP
EX4530006 HKP
EX4530007 HKP
EX4530015 HKP
EX4530016 HKP
EX4530017 HKP
EX4530019 HKP
EX4550001 HKP
EX4550005 HKP
EX4550008 HKP
EX4550009 HKP
EX4550016 HKP
EX4580002 HKP
EX4580003 HKP
EX4580009 HKP
EX4580016 HKP
EX4580030 HKP
EX5660024 HKP